European Super League: Premier League and other competitions will ban all clubs involved - The Athletic Adam Crafton - Apr 18,2021
Any club who joins the European Super League will be banned from the Premier League, the FA Cup, Serie A, La Liga and UEFA competitions.Their players are...
Hubble watches cosmic light bend - Phys.Org Science X staff - Apr 18,2021
This extraordinary image from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope of the galaxy cluster Abell 2813 (also known as ACO 2813) has an almost delicate beauty, which also illustrates the remarkable physics at work within it. The image spectacularly demonstrates th…
GOP faces massive realignment as it sheds college-educated voters - NBC News Dante Chinni - Apr 18,2021
It's not just how many people call themselves Republicans that looks like a potential problem for the party, it is which voters are identifying with the GOP.
Indianapolis shooting: gunman bought two rifles after police seized his shotgun - The Guardian Richard Luscombe - Apr 18,2021
Brandon Hole bought assault weapons he used in attack months after his shotgun was confiscated over mental health concerns
DMX's Fiancee Desiree Lindstrom Opens Up About Her Loss - TMZ TMZ Staff - Apr 18,2021
DMX's fiancee just told the world ... the late rapper was her everything, and she's grateful for the time they had.